Waste Management

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cayman waste management

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Residential Garbage Collection


In the islands, residential trash collection is handled by the Cayman Islands Government's Department of Environmental Health.


Residential waste is collected curbside in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Residents are asked to place waste in metal, plastic or water-tight containers (each weighing up to 40lbs) to the front or side of their property before 430am on collection day.


Grand Cayman Schedule


Monday: West Bay

  • West Bay District, all areas north of Safe Haven/Crystal Labour


Tuesday: George Town North

  • All areas south of Safe Haven/Crystal Harbour, North & South Church Street

  • Eastern Ave, Central George Town, Windsor Park area, Walkers Rd area, South Sound area


Wednesday: George Town South

  • Crew Rd, Old Crew Rd, Tropical Garden area, Prospect area, South Sound area, Savannah Newlands


Thursday: Bodden Town

  • Savannah Newlands, Hirst Rd, Will T Drive, Northward area, Bodden Town

Friday: Northside and East End

  • Midland areas, Franksound, North Side, East End


The Grand Cayman landfill is open from 7am to 630pm Monday through Saturday. There is a 24-hour public drop-off area situated at the entrance.


Cayman Brac Schedule


  • P.W.D compound to West End, Old Airport Rd, Cross Rd, South Side West & Rebecca’s Cave to landfill


  • P.W.D compound to Spot Bay

  • Bluff & Southside East to landfill


  • Any left over from routes, truck servicing

  • Recyclables, roadside, commercial containers 


  • P.W.D. compound to West End & Old Airport Rd, Cross Rd, South Side West, Rebecca’s Cave to landfill


  • P.W.D. compound to Spot Bay

  • Bluff & Southside East to landfill


The Cayman Brac landfill is open from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday and from 7am to 3pm on Saturday. 


Little Cayman


Monday and Thursday

  • Garbage collection



  • Recycling collection


Tuesday and Friday

  • Landfill maintenance


The Little Cayman landfill is open from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday and from 7am to 3pm on Saturday. Hazardous waste and metals are sent to Grand Cayman for proper disposal.




You must rent containers in order to dispose of commercial waste. Different types and sizes are available and are available by the day, month or year. Servicing can be arranged on varying schedules, from near daily to monthly.


Commercial waste disposal does not include the following items/materials:


  • Animal waste

  • Biomedical waste

  • Bulk waste

  • Construction and demolition debris

  • Dead animals

  • Drums of liquids

  • Grease or cooking oil

  • Hazardous and/or combustible materials such as gasoline or motor oil


Litter/Roadside Collection


Roadside litter is collected on a daily basis in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.




Here in Cayman we've been stepping up our recycling efforts. You'll now find receptacles for glass, aluminum and plastic at a number of locations, including several condominiums. Grand Cayman is also home to several recycling centres and waste removal services.


Locations to recycle the following:


Aluminum Cans


  • Kirk Market (George Town)

  • Camana Bay Recycling Centre

  • Junk

  • Foster's Food Fair (Republix Plaza, The Strand, Airport Center, Countryside)



  • Kirk Market (George Town)

  • Junk

  • Foster's Food Fair (Republix Plaza, The Strand, Airport Center, Countryside)


Other Services


In addition to household glass, plastic and aluminum, Waste Management also offers recycling/reconditioning services for a myriad of products. This includes household and car batteries, ink and toner cartridges, used motor and cooking oil, electronics, metal goods, yard waste, cardboard, fruit containers and more. In most cases, the materials must be delivered to a specific location. To find out what goes where, visit the Cayman Islands Government’s Department of Environmental Health website.




Though there is no program currently in place, we are working to introduce a composting plan in Grand Cayman in order to reduce the amount of organics being sent to landfills. Locals are also encouraged to purchase or build systems to compost at home.



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