Sony's Auto

North Sound Rd., Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
345-916-7669 Phone
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by charlene
Definitely a top Cayman car dealer.

They bought my car back when I couldn't afford to keep it after only a few many car dealerships will do that?!

Great service - keep it up!
by bradley
one thing I'll say about these guys is that they stick by their buyback service promise. I have a lot of expat friends who are usually only on-island for a one or two-year work term, and whenever they're looking for a used car I send them to Sony's. I know that used auto dealers kind of have a stigma surrounding them, but these guys are legit. They specialize in Toyota and Honda, but have a pretty wide selection aside from that, too.

Sony's Auto is Cayman's premiere car dealership for pre-owned vehicles. Specializing in cars, SUVs and vans, each used vehicle is fully detailed and serviced prior to being sold, including cleaning the interior and exterior, and any necessary body work and repair, such as fixing the air conditioning system. 

Sony's Auto also offers a full service centre, and this centre provides a detailed inspection checklist to customers. They buy used vehicles from customers, and are also available to sell vehicles for customers. If you're looking to own a car for a short period of time, Sony's Auto will buy back your vehicle that was originally purchased from them for a predetermined price.