Little Cayman Museum

Guy Banks Rd., Little Cayman, Cayman Islands,
345-948-1033 Phone
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Open Thursday & Friday 3:00pm To 5:00pm
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by Esther
This place is great, such a quaint little Cayman museum! Really loved all the artifacts and the location in Blossom Village. My advice is to make a big donation - you won't want this place to close after you've been!

The Little Cayman Museum was founded in Blossom Village by Linton Tibbetts, a cultural advocate in the islands. Located across from the Booby Pond Nature Reserve, it is open Monday through Friday from 3 to 5pm and admission is free, though a donation will be requested. 

The Little Cayman Museum is home to over 150 years of relics, utensils and artifacts that once belonged to Cayman settlers. A variety of cultural and historical exhibits are also available for visitors.