494 Shedden Rd., George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
345-945-3876 Phone
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Mon-Fri 8:00am To 5:15pm
Sat 9:00am To 12:00pm
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by Iain
Eurocar's technicians fixed my baby's air conditioning, and I can't thank them enough!! Great, superstar service!
by Kenzie
I was going through listings of car dealers in Cayman just a few days ago, and Eurocar caught my eye. I wasn't sure what to expect but I decided to pop in anyways on my way home from work, and the selection is fantastic! I love Volvos so this may be a bit biased, but I have also heard from a friend who got his brakes fixed there that the work they did was great. Too thumbs up!
by balthasar
I'd been looking through listings of car dealers in Cayman for quite awhile, and Eurocar seemed perfect when I came across it! I adore Volvo, and theyre the only authorized place in the islands that sells them, and I also love that the have a full service centre..I'll definitely be back.

Eurocar, Cayman's authorized dealer of Renault, Subaru and Volvo vehicles, offers a wide range of makes and models for sale. All newly purchased vehicles come with a two year warranty, and they also offer rental cars. 

Eurocar has a full service centre, and supplies genuine car parts. Service is available for all types of vehicles, including body work, paint jobs, brake repair, air conditioning installation and repair, tune ups and oil changes.