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350 Panton Bldg, Shedden Rd, P.O. Box 11228, George Town, Grand Cayman Islands, KY1-1008 | Directions
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National Security Services Limited, is a fully equipped security service provider in George Town, Grand Cayman. Founded in 1998, we have become established players in 360 degrees security and protection services. We cater to industrial, commercial or residential requirements across the length and breadth of the island.

Our certified technicians and consultants, come to you in person to understand your needs and recommend the best and most viable security systems and devices to protect your family, home and business. We incorporate state of the art security devices and the latest techniques in security measures and response time to ensure you with optimal safety and protection. We integrate prime network and analog camera resolutions through the use of high definition mega pixel, and standard definition fixed cameras for 24 hours monitoring.


Our consultants are thorough bred professionals, whilst our technicians are specialists in their work areas. With years of experience and up to date knowledge in the sphere of security, threat perception and analysis, they are ideal for understanding and addressing your security concerns.

National Security Services is renowned for providing customized security solutions to its clientele. Call us at (345) 945-6251 to discuss your requirements, and rest assured we will provide you with the ideal security solution.

You can also get in touch with us at (345) 925-7077 or (345) 326-3947, in case of an emergency. We look forward to the securement of your person, and your assets.

  • Mobile patrol service
  • Property patrol and inspection service
  • Wheel locking service
  • Access control system service
  • Processing Summons service


We provide 24/7 fully supervised guard services. As a reputable security service company, National Security Service Limited, offers a wide range of security services and products to ensure with the safety and protection needed for safeguarding your personal assets, family and/or business. Our guards are thorough professionals with a high sense of dedication, duty and commitment to their work. Since our guards operate in rotation shifts, they are well rested and thus, always alert. Apart from catering to the conventional residential, commercial or industry clients, we also offer patrol guards and security staff for events, parties, night clubs and restaurant. Our extensive client list range from banks, hotels, resorts, warehouses, hospitals, schools and office buildings; to name a few

Founded in 1998, we have quickly risen to become a prominent and leading name in safety and security systems, in Grand Cayman. Licensed by the Private Security Services Law 2007, we employ up to date procedures in providing around the clock security management systems and state of the art fire alarms. We employ sophisticated alarm devices. These devices can be subtly concealed and are thus, not easily visible. We rig and place these devices taking into account both; the nature of your premises as well as your specific instructions, into a complex alarm system that cannot easily be disarmed. Further, we also affix devices for detecting smoke or fire, thus providing comprehensive security. To know more, visit us or call us at (345) 945-6251 now.

Our security apparatus involves the use of high definition real time surveillance cameras, up to date gadgetry such as parameter intrusion devices, and is backed by a streamlined and meticulous monitoring process. We offer professional Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) Installation & Upgrade service. We apply the latest in CCTV technology for safeguarding your assets and interests. We employ the use of both network and analog cameras, including high definition megapixel and standard definition fixed cameras. Further, our trained technicians are adept at retrieving any footage that may have been lost. We also provide maintenance services and upgrades. If you are in need of a safety net for securing yourself, your family or your assets, National Security Services is a name you can trust. Your faith in us shall find deliverance in our service. In case of an emergency, you can reach us at either (345) 925-7077 or (345) 326-3947. Rest assured, we do our utmost to provide the ideal and most comprehensive security solution.

At National Security Service, we set a high bar for ourselves in providing immaculate and excellent security services. Our team of competent professionals has years of experience in security and threat assessment in Grand Cayman and will individualize and customize a security solution as per your specific needs. We employ the use of both physical and technological access control systems, thus ensuring your or your assets’ absolute security. Depending upon your requirement, we employ the use of both discretionary and non-discretionary access control models. For further information on our services and how our skilled security technicians and consultants can help you, call us at (345) 945-6251 or email