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Coconut Plaza, West Bay Rd, George Town, Cayman,
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Unwind in the comfort of your home, vacation residence or even the beach in Grand Cayman Island. I supply fresh linens, lotions, music and the most comfy massage table ever! 

As a registered CMT, my holistic massages incorporate a unique combination of modalities. Each massage is tailored to the requests and needs of the individual client. Explore this website to learn more about my treatment techniques and rates.         

Whether your objective is relaxation, pain relief or both-- the power of touch is healing. I look forward to your call or email to schedule an appointment. 

  • Reiki
  • Acupressure
A Tibetan healing art I incorporate into every massage unless you request otherwise. Massage and Reiki combine perfectly. Massage with Reiki truly makes the difference between a good massage and a memorable one. This balancing energy can also be requested as a treatment on its own. I believe Reiki is better experienced than explained, but please feel free to visit if you'd like to explore an explanation.

Long flowing strokes using light to medium pressure on superficial layers of muscles. Designed to improve circulation and increase relaxation. It is also used to warm muscle tissue in preparation for deeper tissue work.

A Japanese technique using deep tissue finger pressure along meridians or energy pathways, moving from the point of resistance to quickly beyond with stapler-like movements.

Stimulates the flow of lymph fluid in the lymph vessels located directly underneath the skin. Helps the body to detox. Improves metabolism and boosts the immune system

Hand pressure is used to stimulate energy points, which releases energy and balances your chi energy flow. Similar to acupuncture but without the needles.

Every part, organ and gland in your body is said to correspond to points on your hands and feet. Thumb, hand and finger pressure are used on zone and reflex areas to harmonize the body and effect changes in the body.

Involves position and release. Ortho-anatomy involves finding the comfort position for injured bodies, which then facilitates rapid healing.