Cowboy Town Stables

Lower Valley, Cayman Islands,
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Cowboy Town Stables offers a range of equestrian services, ranging from beginner levels to more experienced levels of horsemanship. Along with exciting lessons, students receive an education in safety, handling, horse care, basic anatomy, building relationships, ground work, riding and horse behaviour. Avaliable for all ages, lessons are carried out by professional and enthusiastic instructors, along with superbly bred and calm horses. Cowboy Town Stables is the only equestrian association in the Cayman Islands that offers lessons to persons with disabilites.

  • Horsemanship Lessons
  • Summer Horse Camp
  • Educational Activities
  • Professional Instructors
  • Flexible Lesson Times
  • Riding Not Required
  • Private Lessons Available
  • Semi- Private and Group Lessons Available
  • Weddings