The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post

by ChelseO 26th May 2015

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If you run a small business in the Cayman Islands, you might've heard about all the great benefits of business blogging. It's an excellent way to boost SEO, establish authority in your niche, drive and convert traffic and leads and more. Have we convinced you? If you're looking to get started, the following elements are key to blog post anatomy.



Every great blog post starts with a solid topic. When you're brainstorming, think about what your audience is looking for. What do they need? What questions do they have? Seek to answer their questions about your business simply and easily and provide useful information on popular, relevant industry topics.



One of the most important parts of a blog post is an enticing headline! It must be engaging and encourage readers to click. The first thing a potential reader sees, a great title lets them know what's in it for them.



Eye-catching images are a must for every blog post. An effective way to increase visual appeal and break up large chunks of text, relevant photos, logos and pictures make for a more captivating experience. A preview image is also a great way to lure readers in.



The introduction functions as an overview of the post to come. It connects the headline to the remainder of the post and lets readers know what's coming in more detail. Be sure to set the tone – opt for friendly, conversational and instructional.


Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs should be short, concise and grammatically correct. An ideal way to break the content down into manageable sections, divide the paragraphs by idea or category and give each its own heading. For example, a blog post discussing content marketing might feature three body paragraphs headlined Strategy, Content Types and Distribution.



The final paragraph, the conclusion summarizes the points of the article. A great way to wrap up, it should be kept short and succinct. Discuss the benefits of the article content and the reader's next steps.


Social Networks

Adding links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other social networks to each blog post encourages social sharing by making it as easy as the click of a button. It's also a visual reminder for readers who do not yet follow your accounts to do so.


Call To Action

The very last element of a great blog post – that is also one of the most essential - is a Call To Action. It is a line of text or graphic image that encourages the reader to complete a specific action, such as sign up for an email newsletter, subscribe to the blog or download a free eBook. You can also encourage readers to take the next step to contact your company. This generates leads and, in turn, more customers for your business.


Blogging represents your business and provides useful information for readers, potential customers and current clients. Key to initiating client relationships, it builds trusts, promotes your services and more. If you're interesting in developing, launching and maintaining a business blog, contact Yabsta Cayman's skilled professionals today!


Posted by ChelseO
Tuesday, 26th May 2015, 08:18pm.
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