Get Found Online By Avoiding These 5 SEO Don'ts

by ChelseO 16th September 2014

Running a small business in the Cayman Islands? Search engine optimization is key to getting found online. While it can be tough to separate the good advice from the bad, and there sure is plenty of it, putting the time and effort into proper SEO is sure to motivate positive results. Avoiding the following don'ts is a great start!

Get Found Online By Avoiding These 5 SEO Don'ts Yabsta Cayman

Keyword Stuffing

The practice of adding extra keywords where they don't belong in websites, such as in body copy, keyword stuffing is a frowned upon “black hat” tactic. Generally done in order to try and trick the system, it is penalized by search engines when caught and simply not worth it.

Overdoing the Advertisements

Providing great content, and a fantastic user experience, are a key part of SEO in 2014. If your website is overrun with ads, it is distracting for users and makes it much less likely to rank properly in the Search Engine Results Pages. Don't try, because Google will notice.


Something many of us learned in school, stealing others' content is never okay. A big mistake in the digital sphere, it's much better to focus on creating, and posting, original, unique and valuable content that is solely your own. Your rankings will thank you.

Not Planning

Having a plan in place is crucial to SEO success and growing your Cayman business in the online market. Sit down and decide on a rough schedule of legwork and implementation, including keyword research, content creation and website optimization. Move forward in order to launch a successful campaign.

Not Maintaining

Think SEO is a “set it and forget it” type of thing? Think again! Not having a plan for regular updates and maintenance is a search engine optimization don't. The landscape, from search numbers to Google's algorithm updates and more, is always shifting. It's important to keep up and make any necessary changes.

Black hat techniques, too many advertisements, plagiarism, not planning and not maintaining are 5 SEO don'ts for companies of all sizes in the Cayman Islands to avoid. If you'd like to learn more about the ins and outs of search engine optimization, check out these YaBlog posts discussing on-page factors and why it's beneficial for businesses.

Image Credits: SEO by Sean MacEntee, CC License, SEO Punishment by Sean MacEntee, CC License 



Posted by ChelseO
Tuesday, 16th September 2014, 08:00pm.
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