Caymanian Musician Profile: Hi Tide

by ChelseO 3rd June 2014

Hi Tide is a popular acoustic Caribbean pop band with proven staying power. Founded over 20 years ago in Cayman, Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings are the mainstay members of a band that has seen several lineup changes since 1993. Typically performing as a duo, with Allenger on vocals and congas and Hennings on guitar, they are occasionally joined by a guitarist and bassist.

Cayman Hi Tide  Hi Tide, to date, has  released an  impressive  10 studio albums.  While  4, and an  upcoming 5th, feature  original songs, they  have also been  hard at  work on 2 “unplugged”  classic cover albums, a  live disc and 3  holiday  collections. Their most  recent release, “The  Studio Centre  Sessions,” is a DVD/CD  set perfect for  avid  fans.

 Citing influences like the legendary  Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, Hi Tide's songs receive extensive radio coverage in Cayman. Many, including “In Your Kiss” and “That's What I'd Do,” have also ranked on international charts. “Love You More,” one of their most popular tunes, is a live performance favourite and is licensed in England.

Though they've performed worldwide, in Canada, Europe, South America and Hawaii to name a few destinations, you'll often find Hi Tide doing what they do best in the place they call home. They perform every Thursday through Saturday at Deckers in Grand Cayman, from 730 to 1030pm, and every Tuesday at George Town's Yacht Club between 6 and 9pm. It's safe to say that, with a broad base of dedicated fans, Hi Tide is one of Cayman's most successful bands.


Posted by ChelseO
Tuesday, 3rd June 2014, 08:42pm.
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