3 Amazing Cayman Artist Profiles

by ChelseO 25th March 2014

Rich and diverse, Cayman's distinct culture is a reflection of its history, natural beauty, religious beliefs and more. The visual arts play a key role in Cayman’s cultural life and are prominent throughout the islands. The following profiles of three talented Cayman artists will have you browsing galleries in no time.

Bendel Hydes

Bendel Hydes is one of the most prominent artists in the Caribbean. Working primarily in oil on canvas, his work can be seen in both National Gallery and National Archive collections. A co-founder of both the National Gallery and National Culture Foundation in the islands, Hydes studied in both Massachusetts and England. His work is featured in “Caribbean Art,” a Thames and Hudson-published book featuring many Caymanian artists.

Cayman Artist Profiles

Fathoms 1, 2012

Image: Fortress of Solitude

Mikael Seffer

Cayman born Mikael Seffer is an unconventional artist known for working with a variety of media, from resin to concrete, canvas sail, acrylic and more. With a deep love of the natural world and sea guiding his way, he runs White Dog Art Studio alongside Ren Sheffer. You'll find his work, and the work of his partner, displayed in many collections both in Cayman and internationally. They have also participated in a variety of gallery shows and artists-in-residencies.

Cayman Artist Profiles

Resin Reworked

30” x 30” mixed media (NFS)

Image: White Dog Art

Davin Ebanks

A sculpture artist, Davin Ebanks is a native islander who works primarily with glass. Focused on themes of the natural world and water, he also uses steel, carved skulls and other materials. His sculptures are on permanent display at both the National Gallery and National Museum. Ebanks was the recipient of a McCoy Prize from the latter for excellence in the arts. His work has been exhibited in both Cayman and the United States. Ebanks holds a Master of Fine Art degree and has also taught on a university level.

Cayman Artist Profiles

Blue Arc: Meridian 81.4º West, West Bay

Kiln Cast, Polished and Laminated Glass, 2013 

Image: Davin Ebanks Portfolio

From stunning oil paintings to sculpture and mixed media works, there is no shortage of creative, celebrated Cayman artists in the islands. Click to view more of Bendel Hydes', Davin Ebanks' and Mikael Seffer's beautiful work.  

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Tuesday, 25th March 2014, 06:49pm.
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