3 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Local Business Listing in Cayman

by ChelseO 18th March 2014

Cayman's local market is home to many small businesses. As a destination that courts both tourism and international business, it's essential for island companies to advertise both locally and globally. The Web is the ideal media for this and Yabsta.ky offers a range of efficient, cost-effective and simple ways to reach that target audience.

While advertising methods such as radio, television and billboards can be quite useful, they're also likely to be quite expensive. Both the free and moderately-priced business listing options offered by Yabsta.ky allow you to craft a representation of your company that appeals directly to anyone searching the Cayman marketplace, increasing your exposure with the potential customers who count. Follow these 3 simple steps to optimize your local business listing and generate results.

Include As Much Information as Possible

While your business name, address and phone number are basic but essential, Web users today want to learn more. Include a brief description of what your company does and upload a high- quality image of your logo. A bullet-pointed list of services goes a long way and serves to highlight unique selling points for customers, such as free estimates or delivery. Reaching your local demographic is worth the small fee is one is required. 

Embrace the Customer ReviewCayman Local Business Listings

Opening yourself up to customer reviews has gained a bad rap, especially in smaller markets. While the potential for negative feedback does indeed exist, including the option in your local listing is more than worth it. Many sites, Yabsta included, boast a strict moderation process that weeds out negative comments, retaining those that are constructive in nature. Customer reviews are a great way to get genuine feedback on how you're doing.

Use Customized Keywords

Search engine optimize your business listing using relevant keywords. Choose ones that potential customers are likely to search to find you; for example, a Caribbean restaurant in Cayman may choose phrases like “Cayman Caribbean restaurant,” “Cayman restaurants,” “Caribbean restaurants in Cayman” and “Cayman Caribbean food.” Choose your terms carefully, as most business listings limit the number of keywords you can include. This simple SEO tactic makes your listing all that more likely to be found.

Including essential but expanded information, customized keywords and customer reviews are 3 great ways to get the most out of a business listing in Cayman's local market. If you'd like to learn more about Yabsta's local business listings, click here to browse through a list of optimized search results for island restaurants. Looking to boost your business's exposure today? Click here to create a detailed listing in no time (for free!).

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Posted by ChelseO
Tuesday, 18th March 2014, 06:50pm.
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