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Hiring a taxi is one of the easiest ways to get around Grand Cayman. Cayman is home to a broad range of taxi companies. Available day and night, Cayman taxis operate on varying fixed rates, which are posted and easily visible. The standard rate applies to up to 3 passengers and, for each additional passenger, an additional third is added to the charge.


Cab drivers are permitted to charge for luggage and travel in bad weather. Taxi Tours are also available at reasonable costs. Taxis are not metered and fares are set by the Government.


Taxi Rates


Approximate typical taxi rates from Owen Roberts International Airport are as follows:


West Bay - $34

Downtown George Town - $15

North Side - $60

Grand Harbour - $20

Savannah - $30


Extra Fees


Extra luggage - $1.25USD/piece

Waiting time - $0.65USD/minute

Late night travel – 12 - 6am additional 25%

Bad weather – additional 25%

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